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Microwave Safe - Bento Box

Microwave Safe - Bento Box

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Microwave Safe

Durable Material

Strong Sealing Ring In The Snap Lid


The only lunch box you will ever need!


Microwave Safe and Durable.


This brand new Bento Box is divided into 3 sections.


The lid has a sealing ring all the way around it so it won't leak.


There is a compartment in the lid that has 2 uses; the first use is for utensil storage; and it even comes with a brand new set of steel chop sticks as well as a spoon.


The 2nd use for the lid is a cell phone holder. While your eating lunch or dinner; you can place your phone in the utensil area and it makes a perfect holder for watching movies; YouTube or anything else you can think of.

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